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Okay.woman,skeleton,baby in mountain stream.

I’m frightened by the power of these pictures and Max just laughs at me.  He was controversial in 1939 when he could get killed by  Nazis for his art .  What am I going to lose?  Am I afraid that somebody’s going to say  I’m  a weirdo?   Dr S., a big shot psychiatrist and his whole Washington staff spent two years telling me that.   I heard them, I heard every one of you guys, and people have been saying that about me my whole life, so I might as well just get on with it and keep taking these photographs and not go to therapy everyday as you told me to Dr. S. .  Are you satisfied now, Max?  Of course he’s not satisfied, he’s never satisfied.  To hell with you, Max, and to hell with you, Dr. S. I have a lot of dangerous artistic work to do right now, thanks to you both.